They could never be friends. They were destined to be opponents. They might even be enemies in the future. But this was not important!


“Big Elder, the last batch of the age-appropriate people have been released, including the age-appropriate people from the Milky Way Alliance fleet,” said Rafael respectfully. He was the person in charge of this Oracle Star.


The vice captain of the Soulless battle team had died in the first battle. One could easily imagine the Arbiters arrogance and murderous instinct in their hearts, yet he was still so arrogant.


Although Wang Zheng’s Phantom King had left the battlefield, Gold subdued Wood, but hisGold element of the Five Elements was completely useless against this opponent.


“Huiyin, don’t do anything foolish!” Ouyang Ruoliu was hugging Lin Huiyin tightly. Whether she could make it in time aside, she was really about to call Lin Hong. Even setting aside the question of whether it was useful, it would be another outcry in the royal family.


While it would not be open to the outside world, it should be opened to the military schools. The embassies of various countries had also requested it.

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The two mecha were confronted each other. This was a good opportunity for Bartley. Bartley’s momentum was rising constantly, and his aura instantaneously pressed down on Lear. This control of the momentum was a clear sign of an Earth-rank warrior, probably Earth One Status.


If it were not for Aina, he would have been unwilling to fight under such circumstances. But he knew that this was no time to be naive. He had passed that age. But it was not very honorable to fight now.


One could imagine how the two felt in the swirl. Was this the rhythm of perishing together?


Another Rune Warrior appeared in the battlefield. A swirl-like Runic Matrix appeared in front of everyone.


“Go away, you female pervert!” Huiyin hurriedly made her escape. Ouyang Ruoliu’s face was the picture of innocence.


The Wind God’s continuous pursuit in offense, including that fatal roundhouse kick, had all been executed in one go. It was simply the prime example of a textbook attack.


Battuta bit his teeth. Interesting. With this level of energy, if it did not cause any damage to the sniper, it would be very dangerous. As a tank, he craved for this sort of excitement. Come on, come on!



“Sidney, show the Mayans the manners of a warrior.” Looking across at the Mayans, Ogan, cold and still as stone, obviously did not think much about the Astinians.



If it were mecha, then the distance would be compressed. But in close combat, the gap would be exacerbated. The knife was artistry in González’s hands. An extension of his body that could slice through a finger easily with a gentle kiss.


Lear was definitely heading into Ai Zhengyang’s Zero Degrees World. Either they freeze together or they finish their opponent.


As if he had woken up suddenly, Wang Zhengs face looked extraordinarily pale as well. As if he had just been fished out from the water.

  • Both Wang Zheng and Aragorn wiped away the blood on their faces. They were both battling with their lives. They knew the eventual outcome very clearly. Yet they were both making a bet betting that the opponents comprehension was not as deep as his, that the opponent was not in a better condition than him, that the opponents reactions werent faster than his, and that the opponent was not thinking as clearly as him.
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