Achilles’ Heavenly Dragon Knight appeared before Hinrich. Hinrich seemed to be waiting for him quietly. Hinrich did not seem to feel inferior at all even when confronted with an Earth-rank warrior like Achilles.


Wang Zheng stood still, channeling the Primordial Regression Technique. His entire person was like a boulder in the current. He could feel Mars attacking with both spirit and body. Without question, Mars was top-class in talent, experience, and endurance. This also made his Heavenly Overlord Attack a true master.


This was Jondi Lilicks realization as a bystander. He had felt that Wang Zheng being able to decipher his moves was accidental. However, in actual fact, this accident was a natural result of strength. It was a matter of whether the loser was willing to face it or not.


Jondi Lilick probably spoke the thoughts of most people. From the highlights, Wang Zheng was mostly battling alone. No further proof of Wang Zhengs strength was necessary by the mere fact that he was facing an almost impossible mission alone. He had achieved the ultimatum of what any captain could.


Lear was feeling very relaxed. He had not felt so relaxed in a long time. It was a rare opportunity for him to enjoy watching Wang Zhengs troubled and wretched look. The feeling of taking the lead first was definitely different. To have achieved such an outcome was all in Lears plan. He was not harsh on himself. This was a reasonable setup. The next step was to see how he could make his victory even bigger.


The tragic defeats of Mars and the rest were not blamed on the members of the Dynasty battle team, but solely on Wang Zheng. Wang Zheng had totally defeated the fighting spirits of the Van Gogh brothers, who had been considered the strong ones. He had defeated that spiritual force!

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Hu Ya’s mind went blank and he dodged sideways almost instinctively. In the next second, he realized that this person was not Wang Zheng, but Zhang Shan.


The expressions of the Lie familys leaders were solemn. They did not think that this was the right time for Lie Xin to try and break through, They are able to wait they had been waiting for so long that a few more years would not matter. As members of the Lie family, they knew that there were many things that were left up to fate; Lie Xin had the right to make her own decisions.


The unfamiliar old leaders’, Arbiter and Aslan’s, battle. This would also be the first strong battle. Would Aragorn be able to uphold Arbiter’s name, or would the genius Di Maria be able to defend Aslan’s glory? From the looks of the current accomplishments and performances, the Soulless battle team seemed to hold a certain advantage.


Jondi Lilick was not at all surprised. It took rationale to reached this stage. If it was him, he would not have gone up either. They had to conserve all their strength for the final team battle. But was it not a little too presumptuous to send on Zhang Shan?


“The use of Ability X lies in the understanding that it is the fusion of the humans’ small universe with the external greater universe. The nature of flame is to burn. But in actual fact, with a little variation, it could create new forms. The true essence of the energy is the ever-changing nature. Thus, add a little wind and it will become Wind, Fire and Thunder.”


Seeing Mars’ body charge with power, and his impregnable stance, Wang Zheng shrugged exasperatedly. “You’re forcing me!”


SIG had gotten off to a roaring start, but many of the strongest teams had already seen seen through the strengths and weaknesses, and had each begun to train their own reserve lineup, allowing them to be exposed to the public.



Ai Zhengyang now knew that they did. Luo Fei’s method of devouring was the same as the previous time with Mars, completely uncaring of the consequences. Different from the battle with Mars was that Mars’ power did not contain any obvious trace of a repelling element. However, the air here was full of Frost energy, so if he continued to eat like that, Fatty could die.



On one hand, Wang Zheng wanted to quickly let Mu Zhen get into the flow of things. It was also a way for the Tita people to get into the limelight. Of course, Mu Zhen possessed the necessary ability.


The X Battle Standings recorded most of the masters and potentials, especially the evaluations of the Earth-rank warriors. This was the most reliable system currently.


The energy shield activated. This was impossible to defend against. Hu Ya attacked with confidence. His titanium blade slashed madly at Zhang Shan. The energy splashed, crushing Zhang Shan heavily, rendering him breathless. Hu Ya’s titanium blade of carried an icy chill, infiltrating the mech non-stop. Zhang Shan felt that his body was beginning to stiffen. He had heard about the boiled frog effect, but had never heard about a frozen frog before. This was not good for a confrontation.

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